Erotically Exploring my Sexuality after my divorce

By: Khaleesi

After being married for 25 years, Katie and I decided to end our marriage. We had tried working things out, but we were no longer compatible. We kept drifting the harder we tried being together. Divorce is not easy, and It broke my heart. Our two daughters, Penny and Gracie, were devastated by the news. I always meet my babies during the holidays as I moved near my friend Peter’s house in the suburbs.

Peter’s wife Olivia was an intriguing intelligent woman. She was welcoming and cared a lot how I was holding up. I guess it was obvious that my life was a mess. They invited me over for breakfast. She had prepared bacon and pancakes which we took with coffee. 

“Luke, we think it’s not a good idea that you lock yourself up most of the day. We are worried about you.” Peter Said.

“ What would you have me do to come live with you buddy to prove  I am fine?” I asked jokingly. 

“ We would love that.” Olivia said shyly.

I had known the couple all my life as we schooled together. Their positive energy oozed to everyone around them. Olivia, in particular, had an infectious smile.

“ When did you last get some pussy buddy?” Peter asked.

“ Well I don’t think I am interested in making love or getting to know some girl only to end up disappointed again. However, to answer your question it has been 9 months.” I responded without a blink. 

“Holy cow! I loathe your negative mindset. Just because things didn’t work out with Katie it doesn’t mean every other relation you have will end in the same manner. We would like to spice up your sex life.” Olivia said.

Well at first I thought they had organized a blind date or they probably had set me up with a mutual friend. It turns out I was wrong. I was in utter shock when she suggested we re-watch the KamaSutra movie together. Indeed the God of erotic love had desided to shine his light upon my dick. Peter seemed to love the idea, and they both sat next to me.

I didn’t know what they were up to, but I silently didn’t want to use my right head at this point. Olivia was an elegant lady. She had a lovely red cotton dress that vividly showed her sexy body. Her matching golden heels were dazzling and blighted the room. Olivia had classic old hook earrings and a thin gold necklace. I was tempted to kiss the cherry red lips. She’s a sophisticated woman with lustrous brown eyes, sexy, and confident. 

As the scenes on Kamasutra got intense, Peter came to me. He has an excellent well-built body. Peter leaned down and started unzipping my jeans. He grabbed my meat through the boxer, and it was enormous. I knew he was bisexual, although he was more into beautiful ladies. Therefore, this didn’t startle me. My enormous ball filled his hands. He took my jeans and boxer down. He seemed to love my idyllic meat that was shyly hanging down slightly erect.

Peter wrapped his dark lips around my cock, sliding it in his mouth. He then ordered me to turn around, and I lay on the love sofa. He spread my legs and smelled my scented asscrack. Oh boy! Peter dug his face into my firm virgin butt, and in seconds his tongue was licking my paydirt. I made a soft moan as he continuously sucked me. 

I paved the way for him by shoving my ass deeper in his face. He then touched my penis thrice the size he had previously seen. Peter turned me and put my cock inside his mouth. He worshiped it like he was getting paid. I admit this was the best blow job I have had in my life! He jolted his head up and down while swallowing my whole meat. 

Olivia came and sat on my face, and she had a fantastic scent of amber NoMad Perfume, and she tasted like a dream. My stubble was rubbing against her magical thighs. I gave her much pleasure, and she moaned loudly. I twitched her clitoris. I would tell by the way she moved she was happy. She went wild as I swallowed her precum.

My load was building up as Peter continued sucking my penis. He was playing with my balls. I held his head tight, and he took me deeper into his throat. Peter’s hands were wrapped tightly around my shaft. He had a strong tongue game. I moaned loudly as my hot shot of seeds filled his mouth. 

I was shaking in satisfaction, and I didn’t want to leave Olivia hanging. I laid her on the back, and she pushed my face in her juicy vagina. I ate the whole of it aggressively, and she seemed to enjoy it. She wanted me inside her, but I wanted to toucher her first. On the other hand, Peter was hungry and wanted a taste of his buddy. As I lay there sucking his wife, he inserted his large penis in my ass. 

It was sweeter than the toys my ex-wife used. I was horny, and Peter eased his gigantic penis deep in my tight ass. He spanked my ass, letting me know he was in control. He stretched me wide. I could feel his orgasm building from his balls. He was about to explode. After a few seconds, he filled me with his cum. “That was good and intense.” Peter said.

Olivia had multiple orgasms, but the last one got her off guard like a tidal wave. Oh, God! She screamed. My hands touched her large breast, squeezing her tender nipples hard. Her clit was receiving shock waves, and I willingly amplified by eating her clit like candy. She begged me to stop, which I did.

She held my hands, and we started making out. I kissed her passionately. “ I have wished for this moment all my life.” Olivia said. You have me all for yourself, queen. I crawled my body toward hers and kissed her neck. We smooched for longer and deeper. I took her by my hands and stood her on the glass overlooking the road. Peter was enjoying the thrilling show. 

Our kissing was loud, and  I pressed her against the wall. Having her inside me was my sole focus. I spread my hands at the back of her thighs and grabbed her ass. My penis was aching to have her, and she licked her lips, seeing how hard it was. Olivia leaned forward with her hands pressing on the glass. As I slid my manhood in her, she bent more. Her vagina was warm and extremely wet. I thrust deeper as I stood on my toes. The feeling of heaven on earth overwhelmed me.

I grabbed Olivia’s hips. I shoved my penis forward as she pushed back. The thrust was magical. I held her by the throat and kissed her neck from the back. The other hand was busy pulling her closer. “Oh! My please don’t stop Luke.” This right here was my moment, and I was making love to the sexiest pussy on the planet.

We both uttered a satisfactory laugh, moaning loudly and moving quickly.  I wished this could never end. I was about to cum, and Olivia hoped I could feel her up. She leaned back as I massaged her clit. Taking the whole of my meat hurt a bit, but she gripped me. Olivia wanted to feel every bit. Within no time, both of us were moaning as screaming into the wind as my boiling cum filled her over and over again. This was a fantastic intense orgasm that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

I was hungry, and so was everyone else. We ordered some shrimp and lobsters. Our order arrived in the next 20 minutes, and we decided to clean ourselves up. The food had arrived, and we started digging in discussing our interests. We had fun talking about various topics from lifestyle, sex, and places.

I didn’t know if this was something we could be doing in the future. I didn’t want to have high hopes. Nonetheless, I loved the openness and honesty between us all. Peter noticed my worries, and he assured me I could enjoy having fun with them till I found someone comfortable for myself. This right here was one of my many rebound sections that were going to occur. 

“Wait till you see Olivia’s surprise for you in the evening but I must watch.” Said, Peter. He got me curious, but I was certain that it would blow up my mind. We sat there in the living room, unwinding, cracking jokes, and reflecting on better days. 

There was a knock at the door, and Olivia went to see who it was. They came in with a foxy blonde woman who had a chin-length haircut. She had arresting blue eyes that appeared sharper, a dress that had a scoop-neck revealing her collarbones. The lady was confident and sophisticated. She ignited my passion by revealing her bountiful cleavage. 

Olivia introduced her friend as Rachel. She seems to have heard a lot about me from my friends. 

“You must be the handsome Jack I have heard about.” Racheal said with a smirk on her face. 

“That must be me, my lady. And you look incredibly hot.” I had my mouth open, and it ascertained the sincerity of my words.

“Thank you.” Said Rachel gracefully. 

Now that I had someone to tease and know, I felt more confident. All of us were seated at the sofa when Olivia excused herself, and she came back wearing a black thong and a neon bikini. 

“You are going to have the two of us, Jack. Give us your all as we are here to quench and cure your dry spell.” Olivia commanded. 

Oh Boy! This was my lucky day as a man. A special occasion that had never happened in my life. The imagination of these sexy bunnies all for myself as Peter watched made me feel like the man of the hour. 

Olivia showed us to one of the bedrooms. The atmosphere here was steady and hummed low. The energy was right. I glanced at Rachel, who had already taken off her dress, and she wasn’t wearing pants. Her eyes were smoked up. Olivia approached her, broke her face with Rachel’s, and gazed at her pink lips. She took them to hers. Rachel gushed out a faint breath through her nose, her mouth opening wide to tangle her tongue with that of Olivia. 

Peter sat on a sofa near a luxurious bedroom chest. We were watching these two charming ladies make out aggressively like teenagers had my penis hard. It wanted to come out of its cage and eat them up. They lay on the bed and asked me to join them. Our hands explored each other, and we were in a comfortable position that gave us excellent contact. 

Olivia touched Rachel’s face moving her soft hands to her enormous ass. Rachel’s body was sensitive, and she moaned as I licked her amazing creamy and firm breasts. I used my thumb to rub her nipples, she wanted it rough, and Olivia understood the assignment. In aggression, her rhythm was ratcheting up. Olivia moderated their kiss with her lips. She slowed her tempo while keeping up with the intensity. Rachel was infatuated asking for more. She begged us, panting uncontrollably to abide by her needs. 

She was ready and inserted my penis in her tight juicy vagina. She opened her eyes wide open. It felt so warm and extremely wet. My dick was sliding easily. I took Olivia’s hand and guided her to sleep alongside Rachel. I took off Olivia’s thong and bikini as I dived deeper into Rachel’s pussy. 

I massaged Peter’s wife’s clit. She was soaked with wetness, and my fingers split her labia.  Their only response was a moan. Olivia cried with delight, and after a few strokes, she was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane after she orgasmed.  She pushed my hands away, claiming she felt tingling. After a few minutes, my hot sperm spewed into Rachel’s vagina; as soon as I did that, she squirted, and the feeling was heavenly. 

I kissed both of them as I lay helpless next to them. Peter clapped as the show was dramatically over. 


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