Unwrap Desire: Your Complete Guide to Thoughtful Sex Toy Gifting

By: Khaleesi

The Art of Surprising Pleasure: How to Choose and Gift a Perfect Sex Toy

Are you having trouble choosing the best sex toy gift? It is entirely normal to have concerns about whether the person you are getting the sex toy for will love the gadget. How will they take it? Is this the type of toy they like? These and many more are some of the questions that may arise. 

Best sex toy gifts idea, gifting sex toys

We must admit it is challenging to select the best intimate sex gift for your partner.  Luckily, if you get the perfect sex toy for your loved one, they will scream in delight. Each one of us deserves to experience pleasure with a touch of love. You are at the right place for those looking for the most acceptable gift for their best friends, lovers, or themselves. Help your giftee do themselves right by following this guide. 

1. Who is your giftee- Is a sex toy a good gift?

The first thing to determine is your relationship nature with the recipient. You can’t go around gifting sex toys to coworkers as it is unprofessional and harassment. It is also inappropriate to get a sex toy for someone you hope to get intimate with. Sex toys are not everyone’s fave despite being fantastic self-care products. You also don’t want to be in an awkward situation. 

Only Gift sex toys to individuals you are in a close relationship with. You could also give sex toys to a close friend with who you discuss sexual life experiences openly. Also, you can start a conversation about sex toys with your partner to see their reaction.

By doing this, you will learn your giftee’s interests, concerns, or the kind of gadget they are into. You can also browse with your partner while paying attention to their preferences. Only go down the rabbit hole if your recipient is interested in possessing a sex toy.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a sex toy gift

  • Do you want to watch the recipient use the toy?
  • How do you imagine them using the gadget?
  • Can they use the gadget alone without your presence?
  • What makes you think they would need or love owning a sex toy?

You may reconsider your purchase if getting the gadget is more of your desire than the recipient.

2. Check the features and usage- Are there Versatile sex toys? 

Some of the sex toys have additional features. The recipient can be creative with the gadget. For instance, the Happy Rabbit Triple Play Pleaser Vibrator stimulates your G-spot and teases your clitoris while penetrating your vagina. Also, a clitoris toy can function as a body massager. 

Happy Rabbit Triple Play Pleaser Vibrator, choosing sex toys

A blow job kit will jolt your partner’s mind. Volta is another multifacet couple-friendly gadget that you can use for Bjs, Clitoris, and nipples. A clit stimulant will increase the organ’s stimulation. It will grant your giftee a back-arching orgasm. These are pocket-friendly gadgets and beginner-friendly. These are kinky sex toy gifts that will boost your recipient’s confidence. Make your gift even more unique by adding small items.

Also, ensure that you get batteries if the gadget needs them. If the toy is compatible with an app, download and make it ready for installment.

3. Perform thorough research- which is the best sex toy gift to buy?

There are endless categories of sex toys, as they come in different shapes and uses. Determine how the gadget impacts the experience of the giftee. Also, get an intuitive, easy-to-use toy. For instance, some vibrators will allow you to increase or lower the intensity.

Clitoris stimulator, gifting sex toy to a female

Grab the sex toy and feel its texture. Based on what your recipient likes, you will know what to get them. Let them know you are considering surprising them with a sex toy without revealing the actual one. It opens the chance to inquire more about their taste, size, and preferences. You will therefore buy the right vibrator, external or internal gadgets. 

Nonetheless, for amusement, gift a sex toy that imitates your intimate act or what the recipient has disclosed they like. Let’s say your partner likes being licked. A clitoris suction would be the perfect sex toy gift.

4. Get Quality Sex Toys- How much is a sex toy?

The Idyllic sex toy price range from $20 to $ 400. However, transient materials will work if you are a beginner and wish to experiment. You can use sex toys together with your recipient. We recommend purchasing a longevity, durable sex toy to bring a novel sensation experience as they explore their sexuality.

Safety comes first, and you should get gadgets made from silicone, steel, and glass. Acquire high-quality vibrators, resistance, and lubricants. There is no worse feeling than a gadget malfunctioning while you are about to climax. Get quality sex toys that won’t disappoint. 

5 Do not forget to purchase toy cleaner and lube

Toy cleaners and Lubricants are must-haves as they increase the durability of the sex toy and give an outstanding sexual experience. Sex toys require maintenance and proper care. Let your giftee know that the gadget needs to be cleaned to prevent them from getting an infection. 

Gifting a remote vibrator dildo

We hope that this guideline boosts your confidence in getting that toy! 

6. Be Discrete when gifting

You don’t want the gift to draw attention from relatives or nosy friends. Wrap the gift properly, use colorful gift bags, and ensure you mark it. Make sure you select the ideal place and time when delivering the gift. It is unfortunate to gift the best sex toy and then expose your recipient, and they become embarrassed.

Remember that the gift is for the recipient’s pleasure and not yours. If you are gifting sex toys to your partner, give them a relaxing massage after showering, then present your gift. Alternatively, pamper your lover on a weekend getaway before presenting the gift.

 Sex toys are a unique gift as they help you understand your body better. Our experts have an ultimate practical guide on giving the best sex toy. Hardly do people put the need for a toy in their wants. However, a quality magical sex toy gift can transform one’s sexual life. 


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