Love, lust, and Laneways

By: Khaleesi

It was a fantastic Saturday afternoon. The beautiful rays of the sunshine evoked a lovely memory of her beautiful face. I craved her warm embrace and adorable kisses.  

Love and lust for stranger

Bridget is a married woman who hasn’t had sex for months. She is a beautiful, intelligent, curvy raven-haired lady. Anthony (her husband) has been declining her conjugal rights and acting up. He makes all sorts of excuses. Based on his actions, it was evident that he was cheating. She gently opened the front door of the living room and walked straight to her bedroom.  

Bridget removed her red sexy lace garter panty and threw her shoes on the timeworn concrete floor. She sank her feet on the plush carpet, thinking about what the kiss could have led. She was lonely and hungry for intimacy. She lay at the edge of her bed fantasizing about the macho-looking man she had just met at the party. 

She sank onto her soft king-size bed, pressing her hand over her clit. She rubbed it back and forth, masturbating and thoughtful of the mysterious guy. The friction gave her a delightful point of pleasure.  

We met at a colorful party for our mutual friend a few weeks ago. I noticed how gorgeous and sexually sophisticated she looked in her sexy white dress. Bridget has the perfect fabulous set of breasts.  

As the man of the hour, I listened to her sorrows. She was frustrated that Brett fell asleep directly whenever he returned home without asking how her day was. He gave a lame excuse not to accompany her to the party. She was free-floating in the sea of pain, anxiety, and despair. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would hurt such an angel. She is a goddess that deserves nothing less. I plan on giving her the best moments of her life. 

I had an emergency and felt bad leaving her behind. We have much in common, and her eyes glow throughout our encounter. Before heading out, I planted my lips on her cheek, kissing her softly. Her heart was racing, and I could tell she was also attracted to me. 

Bridget took her time to dress for the occasion. She took a long shower and put on her satin three-piece lingerie set. She picked a provocative see-through white chiffon cocktail dress that vividly revealed her hourglass figure. It showed a glimpse of her outstanding bra. Heading out, she put on her luxury Christian Louboutin three-inch brand-new heels. 

It was my idea for us to go for a lunch date a week ago, and she obliged. She had all my attention. The laughter flowed along with the wine. Our eyes locked, and I couldn’t resist her charming blue eyes asking for more. She grabbed my hand. Her breath was rapid as I stretched my arm under the table to feel her legs. Bridget wanted me to see and feel she was ready for me. I felt the wetness between her thighs.   

She excused herself, heading to the bathroom. At first, I thought she had changed her mind. Only to realize she came back without a bra or a pantie. Her pink vagina was slippery, and she softly moaned as I aroused her with my fingers. Her beautiful face expressed the amazing sensation. Bridget gasped for breath, and I could tell she was about to squirt. I didn’t stop. Instead, I increased the momentum. She almost had a first-class orgasm, but another couple berated us. 

They kept observing what we were up to with their judgemental eyes, but we did not care. The amusement and lust got the best part of us. We couldn’t hold it any longer. We headed to the restroom together. We locked ourselves up. She leaned on one of the bathroom doors binding one of her short legs a little. I stimulated her clitoris by ardently licking her.  

She softly whispered, “I want you to make love to me.” Inclining upwards, I slicked my penis into her. She gasped as I laid my back on the wall, moving and stroking her. After ten magical minutes of intense lovemaking, her scream echoed in the building. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and I came inside her. 

At the parking lot, she revealed she had a fantasy about visiting a swingers club. Her soft and low voice showed how much she thirsts for love. She had no clue what her words and eyes were doing to me. I wanted my arms around her and to explore her skin. My cock was swelling again. She could see it as my pants were too tight. She smiled as her eyes were confidently roaming.  

She approached me, unzipping her dress. I held her waist with one hand as the other touched her back. I gently laid her on the leather seat. I kissed her lovely breast that could barely fit in my palm. We gazed at each other as fire ignited in our eyes.  The air was filled with lust. She was everything that I ever wanted.  

She placed her soft, gentle hands over my chest. We didn’t utter a word, and she stretched her palm underneath my stomach. I was hard as a rock, and she could see it from my khaki slacks. She gave me nice strokes through the material. A smile glimmered across my sculpted lips. She took off my belt. My already swollen penis was glistening with pre-cum on its tip. She was enjoying my reaction. Our whipping sexual energy could start up a car. 

I lowered her to the car seat. She chuckled as I pulled her tight dress over her head. Her chest was rapidly in motion. Our flesh collided, and she had a shallow breath. I did not want to let go, and I wanted more and more of her. She was sitting on my haunches, gently hauling down to her. I was greedy and hungry for her; I uncontrollably ate her. It was a wonderful, amazing feeling. Her body had a sweet smell of Dior Poison fragrance. A shiver went down my spine as she pleasantly caressed my chest. 

She closed her elegant eyes, and she gasped with pleasure. Watching her wither from my magical strokes was my satisfaction. She was desperately thrusting her hips toward me. She knew how she loved it. She directed me to all the right spots. I decided to slip my fingers around her clitoris as I bit her nipple. She faintly gasped, “oh, yes, please don’t stop.” I helped her reach her orgasm, smiling to myself. 

One nightstand Threesome

I could do this all day and never get tired of eating her. Seeing her body arch with so much pleasure as she begged me to let her go was a heavenly view. She rolled her eyes, squeezing my hands tightly, and her muscles tightened. I knew this was it, and she cried out loud one last time. Her body was washed over with orgasm. I sat down after laying a soft kiss on her vagina. I approached her and drew her hips around me. I levered my meat in all the appropriate angles. She was desperately yearning for more. 

I wanted her so bad I tenderly bit her lips. I felt her soft tight vagina as her nails shoved my skin. My whole body was burning, and her breasts were firmly swaying with every thrust I made. Her nostrils flared, and her breath was harsh and burst. 

I could no longer control the hunger that was building inside me. The slow penetration turned to rough and fast thrusts. The car was shaking. My penis was warm. I did not even consider anyone seeing or watching us from the car parking. My only thought was to be inside her for eternity. I did not want her to return home to her lousy, cheating husband.  

It was messy, and we loved the sound of our skin echoes. I gave her multiple orgasms by teasing her clit in a circular motion with my thumb. She wrapped her thighs tighter on my waist, and she came again. My natural milkshake was almost spilling. Her pussy was slippery and wet. I groaned as it tightened. Two more shoves and I have a hot resounding climax. I groaned in ecstasy, and my pulse was boiling through my body.  

Jokingly as I dressed up, I pulled her kissing her forehead, and said, “Lose your husband. You deserve better.” I hate to see her sad. I loathed the guy for having a foxy wife he could not satisfy. I wasn’t planning on giving her back.  

I wanted to bring her to life. Everything she asked for, I was willing to provide. I drove off my elegant, entirely sculpture black Bugatti La Voiture Noire. Bridget is a remarkable unique woman. She is the only one that I had made love to in my luxurious aesthetic car.  

A few minutes later, we were in one of the grand swinger’s clubs in the city. Bridget desired an incredible moment. We met several open-minded attractive individuals. The club strictly only allows single ladies and couples. A brunette with plush rosy lips showed interest in my girl. She turned her head to us as the wind blew her hair. She had sharp large breasts. She was wearing a matching black lace thong. She introduced herself as Ros, a pretty name for a lovely woman.  

I was trying my level best not to get complicated. I blinked while pressing my pants. Bridget was enjoying every moment. The lady was pink and pretty. Bridget revealed that she wanted to bury her face into Ros’s pussy. The thought of me watching these two charming ladies eating each other corrupted my mind. She led us to a private deluxe room. It was idyllically lit with colorful scented candles. There was faint sensual music playing. 

Ros laid Bridget on the soft loveseat. Things escalated, and she undressed Bridget. She made my girl arch her back. Her dimples made her look more attractive. I have never had this much pleasure from watching beautiful women satisfy each other. It was a fascinating turn-on. My lips were dripping wet, and their gaze collided with mine. They giggled, inviting me to join them.  

Love, Sex, and Laneway

Bridget started licking and caressing Roe. She moaned louder with amusement and spread her legs wide open. They were both breathing heavily, leaving me speechless. Bridget slipped her tiny fingers at Ros’s exquisite inner folds. From her eyes, you could see her arch building up. Ros’s wetness was thickly concentrated on Bridget’s fingertip.  

Her clitoris was wildly throbbing as Bridget brushed her fingers timidly across it. It increased her urge creating a delicate sensation. I touched her tender breasts while cuddling them. Her nipples were perky and hard. I slowly latched on her breasts, rolling my tongue over her twitching nipples. Her whimpers and moans were driving me crazy. I wanted to free my penis. I was following the lead, Bridget, and I decided to kiss her instead.  

Affair Sex

Ros was approaching her climax. She lifted herself, parting her inner part, and I saw her clitoris peeping out in readiness. Bridget parted her inner lips that were slicking with wetness. Ros was now getting numb. She was delightfully screaming uncontrollably as she came. It was a whirlwind romance. My penis engorged showcased my potency and hunger. Their eyes were burning with desire. I laid on my back, and their eyes moved down my legs. Together they started licking my penis. She gracefully stretched her mouth wide without her teeth scratching my meat. Ros seemed to enjoy the taste of my pre-cum. She gave it her full concentration. Roe took it all in, and it nudged at her throat back. My penis became more insistent and harder. She inventively resisted the gag reflex. 

They both took the pleasure of pleasing me. Bridget was slightly licking the root of my shaft. Ros stroked me up and down using both her hands and mouth. With a husky voice, I begged them not to stop. 

They withdrew from the game and decided to change the rules. Bridget asked Ros to come on top of my penis and ride me on a slow rhythm. Bridget then sat on my face, and we were all in the heat. We kept switching positions and fighting the urge to cum. I made love to both of them in turns, giving them gentle strokes. I almost asked them both to marry me on the spot. 

I, later, Ik Briget and carried her to the nearby bed. I draped her over the edge of the bed. I pulled her legs upward and gripped her behind the knees. I rammed my penis into her vagina, pounding her fast. Bridget’s labia were sensitive, feeling like velvet. From nowhere, the wind picked, teasing and simmering down her heated flesh. She trembled as I slowly rubbed her soft outer lips. We maintained eye contact as I explored deeper. Ros was touching Bridget, kissing and gently cuddling her thighs with her fingers. I don’t know how she fathomed; she loved it a bit rough. 

I would also finger Ros, and she was so wet. I, later on, switched to her. Ros’s neck crept with a flush. She had a hard time regulating her trifling breath. Her vagina was glimmering with a fold of her sex. The vulva clenched and unclenched with arousal, and she squirted. We were all making strange noises, and as she cum, I withdrew my dick, and Bridget licked it dry. We were caught up in the moment, too tired to move. Our heartbeats were humping as we stayed joined together. We only managed to wipe ourselves. We took a shower playing with the water.  

Later on, we toasted to the fantastic lovemaking encounter. We had chilled red wine. The three of us lay on the bed as the pressure wave was still vivid in our minds.  

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