The Power of Yoni Massage: Everything you need to know

By: Khaleesi

Yoni massage is a sensational tantra massage on the vagina. The massage allows you to explore and understand your body more intimately. It also creates a deeper connection between people. There is more to yoni massage than the aspect of tantric sex. Experience erotic massage with a professional practitioner, yourself, or your partner. 

The Power of Yoni Massage, Yoni Massage

The massage is ideal for women who have never experienced orgasms or those who can only achieve a single orgasm during sex. The vagina massage will make you have mindlowing multiple orgasms at a go.  

The technique and approach of the massage is about satisfaction and giving. Yoni session is best for women who have faced sexual trauma and are uncomfortable in their skin. At the end of the session, one feels cherished, loved, honored, and worshipped. 

What is Yoni Session 

Yoni in Sanskrit means “ a sacred space” or “sacred cave.” Yoni stands for vulva, which is the external genitalia. It includes the clitoris, labia minora, and majora. The sensual yoni session makes you feel comfortable as you explore and form a relationship with your body. Yoni massage uses some tantric positions. 

Yoni massage is an erotic vagina massage good for sexual healing. It is done tantrically, massaging the outer labia, cervix, vaginal walls, K-spot, A-spot, G-spot, clitoris, and breasts. Ancient India had many tantric practices like tantra yoga which boosts sexual ecstasy. 

Quick tips on how to give a Yoni massage

Here is a summary with quick tips for those who don’t have enough time for the detailed guide. 

  • Prepare the mind and be calm to align with your sexual energy
  • Prepare the scene
  • Consecration to start the yoni massage practice
  • Give full body massage
  • Concentrate on breast massage
  • Give outer yoni massage
  • Use the squeeze and release technique to enter the yoni area
  • Start the yoni mapping process
  • Pump the Gspot and squirting
  • Finish with integration and relaxation process

Full Instructions: How to give Yoni Massage? 

Here are 10 steps on how to give yoni message. Some people receive a vaginal massage from professional practitioners. There are couples interested to learn the process, which is easy. These general guidelines on how to give yoni massage to your partner or yourself will help you get started. 

  • Enough Preparation & Ingredients

Ensure you have enough time before starting the yoni massage session. Three hours are enough for a complete full-body massage and relaxation. There should be no rush; instead, set the intention. White clothes give a nice touch and harmonize with the tantric tradition. 

pure coconut oil for massage

Use virgin coconut oil as your massage oil, as it soothes and moisturizes the skin. Get a clean cover sheet under the hips and clean towels.  You can also have velvet soft pillows, flower petals, and aroma oil. Let the woman’s body relax and create a safe place (in case she squirts).

  • Consecration & Yoni Massage Ritual

Almost every tantric ritual has an opening ritual. Consecrate the yoni massage by offering the process and its fruits to a higher deity or power. You may hold the woman’s hand and say, “I offer this yoni massage and all of its outcomes to a higher power.”

However, it’s unnecessary as you can ask her permission to perform the yoni massage. While holding each other’s hands, wait for the nervous feeling to drop. Breathe in unison as you get ready to start the exercise. 

  • Set the scene for Yoni massage

Before starting the yoni massage, prepare the space and body, and have an open mind. Do not feel insecure or judgmental. Leave out the negative energy and focus. Yoni is all about worshipping your spouse’s temple. 

Use a comfortable space with enough pillows or blankets. Spread the towels on the surface where she lies (intense squirting can happen during the therapeutic massage).

It’s important to create an inviting ambience. Lite up some scented candles or lower the lights. Scatter the colorful flower petals on your workspace. You can also play some relaxing music or sound to calm the nerves. Let the room have a pleasant temperature. Transform the space into a temple and give goddess treatment to your woman.

  • Breathing & Preparing Your Mind 

The tantric sex practice uses Bliss Breath. Both the message giver and receiver should breathe deeply throughout the session. Yoni massage requires deep abdominal breathing and not hyperventilating. Inhale and exhale deeply, slowly, and audibly. 

Connect to your breath by constricting the back of your throat. You should hear a whispering sound as you hold your breath. Release the same sound by exhaling. The exercise helps you concentrate and spread the orgasmic energy to the entire body.

Deep breathing exercise transmits the yoni energy throughout the body without only focusing on the clitoris. The massage giver should watch the receiver’s breathing and ensure it remains shallow. 

  • Full Body Massage & Oil 

The posture of the woman is everything. Prepare the body and let her lie down on a bed or floor in the chosen space. Then place a pillow under her back and her head. Put her feet gently on the ground with the legs open and the knees bent. 

Start massaging her back and sensually touch the breast, abdomen, areola, upper legs, belly, and inner thighs. Connecting these areas, you warm up the woman, and she feels good. Apply the massage oil using two fingers on the belly button and awaken the nerve endings. 

Breast massage for yoni massage, breast massage
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Then breast massage and circle the areolae. Build arousal by massaging between the breasts, rib cage, and lower abdomen. Massage the legs, arms, feet, head, neck, and face. Activate her sexual energy by rubbing the sacrum. All this time, do not touch the nipples until the entire woman’s body fully responds. 

Breasts are sensitive, and arousing them is directly felt at the clitoris. Touching them creates loving energy. Using your hands, cup the breasts, and from the center, use your thumbs to rub in opposite directions. The right thumb strokes clockwise while the left thumb anticlockwise. 

Caress both Breasts and tease the nipples and delicate sternum. Take turns light pinching and circling the nipples. Then massage down the body up to the yoni. Use varying rhythms from light, and medium, to strong touches. 

Communicate with her to understand the moment that she prefers. You will need to use massage oil or lubricant for yoni massage. Choose a product compatible with your skin. Using scented lubes may disrupt the vaginal PH balance.  

  • Entering the Yoni

After completing the above process, the vagina should be dripping wet. Ask the woman if you are allowed to enter her temple. If she agrees, cap her vagina with your hand. Leave it there for a few minutes. 

Apply coconut oil from the outer area and watch it drip to her vaginal opening. Massage her lips, mound, and inner tights. In slow motion, arouse the outer labia before heading to the inner sections. 

Yoni Massage, Entering the Yoni

Use your fingers to lip sync and stroke them. Press the lips gently between the index finger and the thumb. Touch along both the outer lip and inner lip. Without creating a buzzkill, communicate with the receiver to understand what she enjoys more and which momentum she prefers and maintains. 

While at it, you can breast massage by connecting her heart with the yoni. Keep watching the clitoris and the outer labia. You will know she is ready for penetration when they get swollen.

Now you can slowly slide your middle finger inside her yoni. Take your time and explore her temple. Feel her inner parts and stroke all the corners.  You can also request her to grip the finger and release the pelvic floor muscles.

Let the yoni suck in the finger and feel the vaginal contract. You can interchange the rhythm from slow to fast. Press down, upward, and towards the sides. 

  • Yoni Mapping

Yoni mapping aims to find where a woman feels numbness, knots, pain, or tension. It is important you constantly seek feedback from the woman throughout the process. Yoni mapping is euphoric and healing. From the 12 o’clock position with your middle finger inside the vagina and the index one at the outer vulva below the pubic bone. You will be moving these two fingers around her vaginal walls. 

Yoni mapping usually takes 30 to 4o minutes. As you move along each clock space, feel whether she has any emotional or physical trauma. Gently massage each section of the vaginal walls. Remain in the same area if she doesn’t feel anything till she does. If she shows any signs of pain, breathe through it and rub the knots out.

Move to the right wall at 1,3, and 5 o’clock positions, hold, press, and inhale. When you reach 6 o’clock, press down toward her anus using the thumb. Move to the left wall and rundown 7,9, and 11 o’clock. Continue with the process until you are back at 12 o’clock. Yoni mapping can be an emotional experience. 

Once you are done, circle the cervix using a single finger. Some women feel numbness, sensitivity, or pain in the zone. The next spot is the G-spot, a few inches from the vagina. Then move to the A-spot, which is deep inside the vaginal entrance. 

  • G-spot Stimulation

Go deeper to stimulate the G-spot using the ring and middle finger. Finding the G-spot is not hard. It is located on the upper side of the front wall. It is a spongy spot that gives any woman pleasure. Gently press on the area as she enjoys the session. You can press harder as she shows more reaction.  

Couple Yoni Massage, G-spot massage

Use an alluring rhythm till she feels like peeing. Move your entire arm upwards and down from the shoulders, not just the fingers. You will build a space around the G-spot. A smack may come from the vagina during the mindblowing sensation. 

Let her know she is at a safe place when the body showcases sexual energy. Squirting orgasm is not pee. Use the towels to absorb the fluid. Explore the entire G-spot area till she is satisfied. 

Assure the woman it is normal to feel so much sensation during G-spot stimulation. Let her surrender to your power for an intense experience. If she feels like having an orgasm, it won’t come out from the G-spot, simultaneously stimulating the clitoris.

  • Pushing Boundaries

Tantric yoni massage pushes a woman’s boundary. It can release varying emotions from anger, pain, or hate. You can also experience happiness or great pleasure despite those negative physical and mental emotions. Discover who you are and transform your sexuality. 

Yoni massage helps women discover their feminine energy. You will be surprised by how much you can achieve at a personal level. You need to be willing to take the risk and face your fears. Have the desire to receive healing. Push your boundaries and experience ecstasy.

  • Finish the Yoni Massage

After finishing the yoni massage, the woman will be exhausted. Cup her vagina with one hand to demonstrate your love. Then place the other hand on her heart. Holding her in this position can mean a lot. Not many women experience this kind of care. 

Once the entire process is over, meditate together. Sit beside her, look deep into her eyes, and then hug each other. 

5 Effective yoni massage techniques

Yoni massage process requires sufficient time. Listen to your body and slowly touch and awaken the sexual energy. Here are simples tips for yoni massage:

1. Circling

Use the tips of your finger to massage the clitoris in circles. Use both small and large circles to stimulate arousal. Alternate the motion from clockwise to anticlockwise. Also, use varying pressure from light to heavy. 

2. Tugging and Rolling

Use your thumb and index finger to hold the clitoris gently. You will pull the clitoris by tugging it back and forth away from the body through grasping. To increase stimulation, tug the edges of the lips. 

Use different momentum from the tip of the clit down to the lips. Release and repeat the tugging process with her inner and outer labia. Roll the inner and outer labia in a clockwise direction. Rolling the clit between your thumb and middle finger. You can also touch any other area that feels comfortable.

3. Pushing and pulling

Use tiny push-and-pull rubbings to push down the clitoris using one or two fingers. Then gently glide down the clitoris shaft using your fingers. Repeat the process on both sides. Note that some women are more sensitive on one shaft side than the other. 

4. Tapping

Tap the vulva using one or more fingers. Try different rhythms-slow to fast motion and observe what works best for the woman’s body. 

5. Cupping

Massage the vagina by forming a cup shape on your hand. Press down the hand on the vaginal opening. Then move the hand in a light circular motion. By using the palm of your hand, massage the entire vulva. 

You will also need to massage the G-spot. To locate the G-spot, form a letter C shape using your first two fingers and insert them into the vaginal. The spot is around one or two inches behind the external clitoris. Massage the G-spot using the curved fingers using varying momentum-fast and slow strokes. 

While at it, simultaneously tickle the external tip of the clitoris. You can also apply pressure on the pubic bone. G-spot massaging, breast massage, stroking the nipples, and playing with the clit. 

Remember, yoni massage is all about feeling extra sensational. It is more than having a single orgasm. The massage causes waves of simultaneous orgasms. You can switch between these techniques. For the process to be successful, keep the entire body involved during the yoni massage.

Positions for Yoni Massage

There are many positions for practicing yoni massage. All of them are linked to ancient yogic roots. 

Lotus position for Yoni massage

The lotus position is best for solo yoni massage or with a partner. For solo massage, sit straight back, place the palms on the knees, and cross the legs. Work on your breath by starting slow. Breathe in and breathe out from the stomach. 

During the lotus position with a partner, find a comfortable sitting position similar to the solo session. The person giving the massage sits with their legs enclosed around the receiver’s torso. The ankles are intertwined behind the partner. Look deep in their eyes and breathe together in unison. 

Hand on Heart Position

Sit on a straight back with your legs crossed. Place your dominant hand over the heart. Pay attention to its rhythm by closing your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply to meditate. Create a connection between your heart and the hand.

Spooning Position

First, choose a comfortable surface like a padded floor or a bed. Then together with your partner, lie on the left side. The woman is the one who stays in the little spoon position. Breathe together in unison to create a connection. Then line up your heart and belly. 

What are the benefits of Yoni massage?

Many women mainly view vaginal massage as an emotional journey. Yoni massage does make some ejaculate. However, this is not the main goal of the process. Nonetheless, some females achieve multiple orgasms by receiving therapeutic massage. 

Tantric massage for your woman, candle lighting for yoni

There are no medical benefits of Yoni massage. However, there are some great advantages of the exercise, which include: 

Feeling Comfortable in your skin

Yoni massage creates a deeper connection with your body, mind, and soul. You release higher energy as you feel more in tune.  You can unlock your greatest potential by searching within yourself. Awaken your spiritual sense by practicing this ancient methodology technique. 

Yoni massage improves women’s body confidence. It helps those with problems with intimacy, low self-esteem, or the fear of being naked.  It also boosts your sex drive.

Enhancing Mental Healing

Vaginal massage enhances mental healing. You can heal your past sexual trauma or shame through Yoni massage. Remove any negative vibe and emotional connections from your genitalia. You boost your confidence by communicating effectively. You also learn how to be touched and touch your vaginal area. Reprogram the negative emotions into positive sensual pleasure.

Experiencing Euphoric Orgasm

Frequent Yoni massage is attributed to a powerful frenzy. Once your mind is free from the trauma, you enjoy sex more. You intensely feel every touch and thrust. The entire massage helps you take control of your sexuality. 

Attain a Higher Sense of Self

Tantric Yoni massage helps you to connect with your body. You unblock hidden trauma and attain a higher sense of self. Your mind and body harmoniously connect. 

Improving Sexual Relationships

Yoni massage unlocks whatever reason is holding up back from enjoying the sexual experience. Be it the fear of being touched, intimate, or seen. The erotic massage improves connection and trust in couples. You will have a strong bond with your partner as you enjoy the pleasures of touch. Enhance the relationship as you learn what you enjoy.

Helps with Painful Sex

You may experience pain or tension on your vaginal walls during your intimacy-hindering your climax capacity. Yoni massage helps release the tension as it massages the tiny tension knots from the vulva. 

Your vaginal muscles will be relaxed during sex. Instead of feeling the pain, you focus on pleasure. 

Reduce Menstrual Pain

Yoni massage helps with painful menstrual cycles. The process improves the blood flow in the vaginal zone. Women who practice this tantric massage have an easy menstrual period. 

Final Thought

Tantric massage has various forms. These include; yoni massage, tantric masturbation, and lingam massage. Tantric sex is a spiritual, sexual practice that improves couples’ relationships. It sparks intensified intimacy levels. Yoni massage has spiritual and emotional benefits for women. 


Is Yoni massage safe?

The sensual massage practice is safe. However, there are many sex toy manufacturers selling yoni tools like yoni eggs. The equipments are to be put inside the vagina. Some of these egg-shaped objects are made of low-quality crystals and jade. 

yoni massage techniques, Yoni massage cupping

It is difficult to clean and sterilize the crystals. The aftermath is you get a vaginal infection after using some yoni eggs as they harbor bacteria. These sex toys can also displace intrauterine birth control (IUDs).  

Another factor affecting the safety of yoni massage is using the wrong lubricant or oils. Unlike pure coconut oil lubricants, some products have perfumes and elements that irritate the skin. 

You are also responsible for running a background check on your yoni massage professional practitioner. It is more risky to trust the wrong person with your private parts. Look for someone trustworthy, and check for recommendations or online reviews. 

Ensure the person giving the full body massage consider the following factors:

  • Clean their hands before and after the process
  • Decently cleans the massage equipment
  • Stops in case there is discomfort or pain
  • Doesn’t insert items that can harm your genitals

Tantric Yoni Massage and Edging 

You can practice edging during a tantric yoni massage.  As the woman reaches the edge of orgasm, you repeatedly pause without letting her climax. Till she can’t take it anymore. Edging is all about delaying the orgasm by observing the body’s movement and the breath. At the end of the process, women achieve more intense orgasms.

As the body is ready to orgasm, slow down, and pull away. At the cool-down episode, ensure the body is grounded by placing your hand on the heart. Let the receiver feel the connection and the power energy. 

Once the body cools off, build up the moment again. Arouse the receiver up to the edge of orgasm, slow down again, then stop. Doing this prepares the body to explore by creating multiple waves of orgasms instead of achieving a single climax. 

What Yoni massage is not?

Your energy is everything in yoni massage. You should not give a massage to have sex. Yoni massage is not for foreplay, and Tantra is not a sexual session. The massage is a sacred safe space for the woman to relax,  heal, and let down her walls. For men, it’s more about giving than receiving. 

Leave out your sexual desire by having control of your sexual energy. Channel the divine healing to achieve the yonic massage need. 



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