Erotic Sex with my Best Friends Dad

By: Khaleesi

You have probably had a fantasy of having sex in public. Well, you are not alone. Research has proven several adults have had the thought cross their minds at least once. Making love with an adrenaline rush is thrilling due to the fear of being caught. Public sex is juicy but prohibited in most of the country. 

Outdoor sex

Being a dominatrix woman, I love being in control. While in college, my friend’s dad divorced, but I was fond of the gentleman. Jake is a mid-40 guy with dark hair and an incredibly toned and muscular body. He loved teasing us whenever we spent time at his house. He knows how to keep the conversation going despite having dry jokes. 

When my friend, Jane, broke the news, the urge to initiate and fuck his dad became intense. Just imagining us together made my panties soak in wetness. Jake had moved to his elegant condo near the bay.  I called him sobbing one day, letting him know I had an emergency in the city. Knowing he was a caring soul, I was confident he would show up. Not a great move, I know, but I was dying to have him inside me. 

Racheal, are you okay? He was in the club within 20 minutes, and I looked terrified. I was wearing a provocative see-through blue dress. It had a vivid glimpse of my perky tits. I walked toward him shaking my round, bubbling ass. Jake gave me a warm hug. “ I just got dumped and didn’t know whom to call.” After our chit-chat, I led him on by touching my tender breast and revealing my cleavage. He enjoyed the show, and I could see his meat swelling through his trouser though he tried to hide it.

The place was heated, and people enjoyed dancing to the booming music. I ordered a glass of vodka while Jake took Scotch. Both of us were tipsy. I started dancing to the rhythm, requesting Jake to join me. The crowd of bouncing bodies made us dance so close to each other. We rocked to a couple of songs. After a few more drinks, I let go of my inhibitions. I was exhausted but exhilarated.

Sex in the car

“Let me take you home.”Jake whispered.  He ushered me to his car. This was when I decided to get silly and tease him some more. I got closer to him, and in a moment, our lips met, and I erotically slid my soft tongue into his. Are you sure you want this? Here? Am I your rebound, or what? I put a finger between his lips to silence him. I took his tender hands, but his fingers were cold as ice. My gentle touch gave him a tiny shiver. The divorce traumatized him, and he wasn’t used to being caressed. 

With my brown eyes, I gave him a seductive gaze. He pulled me to the back seat of his car, holding me in and squeezing me tighter. My charming Black Orchid’s fragrance increased his urge to eat me up. Jake’s penis was a grower, and he had a swelling erection that only I could tame. I wiggled toward him with a soft giggle.  Jake rubbed my clit as I touched his penis over his trouser. It had been ages since I got laid, so he made me wet with every touch. 

Jake snapped! “ Oh, forgive me, Rechael, you are like a daughter to me. Your alluring body got the better of me. Plus, I haven’t had such a fascinating encounter in months.” I mischievously broke the silence. Don’t worry, Jake. I am not your daughter; I want you as much as you want me. As I approached him my body was crackling for his attention. I gave him a mind-blowing deep kiss. From how we smooched, it was clear that we all wanted to make love.

He firmly pressed on my incredibly juicy ass with his hands. Jake took off my flattering dress. He left on my pink bliss bra and panty-leg garter. Gently he entirely undressed me and kissed my naked, firm breasts. I didn’t give him the chance to wonder. I straddled his right leg and placed his hands on my shoulders. At this point, I couldn’t keep my small secret anymore. My heart was rapidly racing.

Sex in the Public

“Jake, I’ve always thought what it would be like to have you inside my vagina. Whenever I mastarbate I orgasm fantasizing with your meat. In my fantasy world, we’ve done it in the bathroom, bed,  and at the bus stop once. Today I want to have it all in reality!  Please stroke me with your hard cock, choke me daddy, and give it all to me.” Our eyes locked, burning with lust, affection, and desire.

Everything felt magical, from how he looked at me to how he touched me. He bit my neck, and I gave a throaty moan that ignited Jake’s libido. He slid his warm hands over my hips and back to my waist. I hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt, then removed his leather belt. Despite being a senior citizen, he had terrific biceps and a nice body. His skin was now burning. Jake ravished my young body with care, and I gave him a sweet aggressive kiss. Jake then slid his soft tongue to my soft-sealed pink lips. I gently took it in and captured the tongue with mine. 

Rachel, I love this! I stared at him with my flashing, charming eyes and explored his fairly hairy chest using my hand. I started to grind intensely on his thigh. Being the experienced one, Jake wanted the encounter to be fantastic and memorable. He made it clear by his action that he was in control. He held me tight by my hands and gave me pleasure by licking and kissing all my sweet spots. 

I uttered softly, “ I want you Jake, give me all,” without expecting him to respond, but he did. I also madly desire to have you, Rachel. Your sexy curves turn me on. You are a goddess; allow me to worship you. He surprised me, and I wanted him to feel my warm coochie. I moved my vagina towards his legs, moaning uncontrollably. Someone might have heard us, but I couldn’t care less at that moment. 

Sex with my dad

Jake wanted our intimacy to be memorable. He wanted to make love to me. He sought my lovely lips, teasing and kissing them. Jake kept pulling back and forth. I loved his soft, quick kisses and the gentle bites on my neck that made me go crazy. I would feel his strong arms massage my sides and back. Jake applied quality pressure showing me how much he enjoyed caressing my sexy body. 

I lost control when he squeezed my ass cheeks. I moaned loudly as he fingered my soaking vagina and strongly trapped his legs with mine. He washed my nipples with his wet tongue. I led his hands to my clean and shaved, dripping pussy. Jake ran his fingers to my slick pink outer lips and stretched them. He proceeded and used his middle finger to touch my inner lips.  I couldn’t help but moan without minding where we were. 

I grabbed his head, directing him towards my clitoris. Jake licked it insistently as I begged him not to stop. The car was silent, and my body became stiff, gripped, then relaxed. I panted heavily, and without knowing it, I climaxed in seconds. 

As he kissed my lips, I planned to dominate him. I slid my hands to catch his hard cock. I groaned, and my eyes grew bigger. Then I lubricated his meat using my saliva, sucking the hell out of him by showcasing my gag reflex technique. I would see him bite his lip, and I knew I was doing it right. However, I didn’t want him to cum, at least not yet. He tasted like candy. I diligently made his balls spasm wildly. 

I sat on him, giving him access to explore my pussy. My body glowed with a burning desire, and I started simmering. I rode his dick, pulling back and forth, swallowing the whole meat. Jake held my waist hard as I bounced on his enormous penis. My juice was oozing on his cock. Oh boy! I enjoyed doing this, and he found a way to stimulate my clitoris. I placed my arms around Jake’s neck, closing my eyes with pleasure.

We created a tender tempo. Jake met my thrusts, and we skyrocketed our rhythm. The car was shaking, and he laid me down, and I planted my feet on the vehicle door to increase the force. My vagina was wet, warm, and tight. Jake was approaching his climax but still wanted more fun, so he slowed down. 

I wrapped my thick thighs around his hips. With every thrust that he gave me, I moaned. I was breathing and panting heavily. It triggered my arousal, and things got rough. He roughly hummed me with his hands capping my ass and pushing my hot body against his. Together we did cum. It felt super nice. Feeling Jake’s raw dick in my pussy was euphoric. He filled me up with his cum.  I lay there for a few seconds, with Jake holding me tight. We managed to drive home before someone called the police on us.

Sex in the shower

We decided to take a steaming shower before retiring to bed. Jake gave me one of his white t-shirts that authentically revealed my firm round breasts. My striking dark nipples were erect. He asked me to join him in bed. From behind, he lifted the hem of the t-shirt. He rubbed my tits, tweaking both of them. We played together, and we were made out. 

Jake was working his magic again, his fingers dripping in my pussy. I touched his manhood over the grey sweatpants. He spread my leg and continuously plunged his short, strong fingers deeper into my vagina. I pulled his garment down, and his erect dick was out. I inserted the throbbing meat in my hungry, desperate pussy. Jake kept it harder and harder, with every stroke stronger than the preceding stroke. 

It was so sweet, and I didn’t want him to cum yet. I was loudly moaning with pleasure without the fear of being heard. Jake licked me down to my tender breasts. He later came down to my little goddess and started leaking it, making me tremble. My vagina was sensitively shaking with wetness. He slid his fingers on my beautiful folds. He laid his head on my stomach and brilliantly massaged my clitoris. 

I climaxed multiple times with my pelvis moving together with his rhythm. A fountain came out of my vagina, wetting the bedding, and I lay there with satisfaction. I was thinking of ways to thank him. I went down on him. His huge balls and curved meat were right on my face. I didn’t waste any time and started sucking his elegant package. I grabbed the thick penis in my soft hands and slowly stroked it. My mouth shifted to his huge delicate balls. I kissed both of them and closed my eyes while sucking them. 

I widened my mouth to take in the whole of Jake’s meat. It had grown thicker, and I struggled to get it in my mouth. I managed to keep my teeth off his shaft as I increased the tempo. Jake sighed. As I jolted up and down Jake’s penis, he kept rubbing the back of my head.  He grunted, groaned, and produced a sharp moan. His milky cum went up to the back of my throat. I played with it in my mouth and then gargled the seeds before swallowing.  I loved the taste, and I sucked it dry. Jake pulled me off, and I smiled as I looked him in the eyes, and the remains of his sexy cum oozed down my jaw. The ecstasy was mesmerizing.


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