Ultimate Guide on How to Start an OnlyFans for Feet

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You can make a bank by selling feet pics on best feet apps like OnlyFans. All you need to know is how to start an OnlyFans for feet. There is a huge ready market waiting to have fun with feet. Creators earn more than $300 daily by selling sexy foot pics. There are people without a clue that numerous people have feet fetish. 

How to Start an OnlyFans for Feet, OnlyFans for Feet

The only task you have is finding the right audience. The best part of selling foot pictures on Only Fans is you stay anonymous. OnlyFans is the best platform for selling feet pictures and videos. In this guide, we will take you through how to make an Only Fans for your feet. These are successful practical steps, and you will be earning sooner.

Who Can Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans?

Anyone can sell their beautiful feet pics on OnlyFans. You don’t have to be a model or famous to kickstart the journey. It takes a little effort and confidence to get the ball rolling. You will also need a good camera and lighting equipment to take quality feet photos and videos. The foot kinks market is growing exponentially. 

Complete Beginners Guide on How to make money selling feet pics on OnlyFans

There are influencers and celebrities Fans Only feet pics. So, what’s stopping you from exploring this market? Taking sexy pictures for people to have fun with feet will also attract the attention of top-rated feet modeling agencies. Without further ado, let’s jump right into how to start selling feet pics on OnlyFans.

How to start feet OnlyFans without followers 

Create an OnlyFans account by visiting the OnlyFans website. You can use a new anonymous email address and a captivating username targeting your audience’s needs. When choosing an OnlyFans feet username, come up with something memorable that relates to your niche.  You will need to verify your email. 

OnlyFans Signup, Opening OnlyFans for Feet

Use a beautiful profile picture. You can feature your feet to represent your profile or a censored photo of yourself. 

Create an appealing bio description. Take advantage of this critical section. An OnlyFan bio tells your audience what you are offering and what they can expect. 

The platform also requires ID and other personal details for payment purposes.  Wait patiently for the platform to approve your account. Check out this ultimate guide on how to make money on OnlyFans for all types of OnlyFans account creations. 

Capture quality feet pics for OnlyFans account

Once your OnlyFans feet account is approved, upload your foot photos or videos. Come up with a subscription fee for your fans. You will need a nice setup with magnificent lighting to capture captivating feet pictures. 

Good thing most modern phone cameras have idyllic photo features.  Here are some tips for professional  feet pictures that will fetch you more money:

Get a good Camera

The high-quality camera makes a big difference when selling feet photos. You can also choose to hire a professional photographer. 

Capture feet at different angles

Take pictures from varying perspectives. Doing this will help you choose the best angles for your feet videos or pictures. Use front, back, and side angles and select what best works for you. 

Use Photography Props

Feet fetish audience is interested in excellent ambiance. Showcase your surroundings through props. These may include lovely turquoise water, a sandy beach, a throw pillow, kinky lingerie, a huge teddy bear, sex toys, or a luxurious carpet. You can also get ideas from your audience about their photo setup preferences. 

Invest in inexpensive Lighting Gear and a Tripod

A tripod is a must-have gadget for capturing well-lit quality feet pictures. It helps take photos at different angles, adjust the height easily, and keep the camera steady. Ring light tripods give the best contrast without shadows.

Edit your OnlyFans feet pictures

Editing your OnlyFans pictures makes them pop and enhances their overall quality. Upload sexy images on your OnlyFans account by using editing tools like Photoshop.

Post your Feet Pics on OnlyFans

OnlyFans requires you to create a post to upload your feet photos. Open your account and click the “add to story” button. Compose your new post from there, which can be text, picture, audio file, video, or more. 

OnlyFans Feet Pics

Select the photo icon and proceed to post your feet pic. Repeat this process and post more photos to keep your audience engaged. Ensure you remain authentic and creative and try new things to see what keeps your subscribers entertained. 

Live Streaming your feet on OnlyFans

You can go live on the OnlyFans section to interact with the subscribers. Live Streaming helps you monetize your account. You can stream the feet treatment of the feet picture session. Turn on the payment-gated stream option and let the audience tip you. Free OnlyFans accounts are allowed a $5 stream paywall.


How to Create appealing captions and Descriptions on OnlyFans 

Boost your presence on the OnlyFans platform by creating captivating captions and descriptions. A caption brings out the theme of your content setting the right tone for the post. Description, on the other hand, gives more information to your followers about what you are sharing. 

Keep your content respectful and adhere to the OnlyFans community guidelines to avoid suspension. Don’t use offensive language in your comments. Make the most out of your posts by being extra creative. 

Use straightforward captions on your post

You use humor or share an opinion in your OnlyFan picture caption. Keep the caption short and precise to give your subscribers a snippet of what you are sharing.

Use catch description

Your description should be detailed. You can add a witty, playful quote or use a song lyric that resonates with the picture. Let fans know what they are viewing. 

Adding a description on the OnlyFans video

Include a catchy summary of your video to provide more information on the content. You can include a location, i.e., check out my sexy feet on the beach. You include a background story to help your subscribers appreciate your art. 

Using Hashtags

Using hashtags on OnlyFans and any other social media platform lets your audience find content easily.  You will reach more people, and new followers will discover your page. Add relevant and popular hashtags that relate to your content.  

Explore with your content

Play around with the tone and style of your descriptions and captions to see what is more effective. See what brings you more followers and engagement. Try different formats, lengths, and tonalities in your posts. 

How do you make your OnlyFans popular?

Many people are in a dilemma on how to start an OnlyFans without a follower. Not to worry, as you can grow your OnlyFans account through promotion. There is no internal search algorithm on the platform. It is difficult to find new creators’ profiles. You might have got everything else right. However, a lack of proper exposure makes your account stagnant. 

OnlyFans Feettfetish

Reddit is a great platform to promote yourself and connect with potential subscribers. There are many foot fetish-themed subreddits on the website you can follow. Alternatively, by sharing a link to your profile, you can use TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to drive traffic and engagement on your OnlyFans account. How start an OnlyFans account requires dedication. Treat the venture as your business to get an excellent return. 

Why sell feet on OnlyFans

You will find a lot of foot fetish audiences on OnlyFans. This is an excellent exclusive platform for building a fan base. There is a ready market interested in foot content. Beginners new to selling feet pictures can easily navigate the platform. Moreover, OnlyFans is free to join. The website has no unwanted advertisement displays. Hence, you can focus on doing your business without distractions.

All you need to do is stay consistence and concentrate on keeping your fans entertained. Serious feet sellers are making thousands of dollars a month. You can create bulk foot content and then schedule to post it later. Then focus on promoting your OnlyFans account. Growing your feet selling venture only takes a few hours a week. 

How much can I make on OnlyFans with my feet?

How much can you make on OnlyFans selling feet pictures depends on various factors. Your earnings can change from time to time depending on the number of subscribers you have and your page subscription price. 

You can also charge extra cash for custom feet pictures. Listen to your buyers’ needs. Some need particular accessories or close-ups pictures. You can also create a selling feet photos menu and pin the categories on your page or share it with subscribers in DMs. 

OnlyFans creators utilize the PPV content and earn huge returns. You DM your fans a video or feet pic, but they must pay to view the content. As a beginner feet seller, start on the lower-end pricing to remain competitive. Then increase the price as your followers grow. 

OnlyFans subscription fee ranges from $4.99 to $49.99. Your fans will have full access to your feet pics for one month. You have the freedom to set your minimal subscription fee at $10 to $15 or change the pricing whenever you please. Typically you can earn $25 per OnlyFans feet subscriber every month. 

Quality OnlyFans feet pics and good marketing increase your subscribers. Ensure you also charge high subscription rates based on the response you receive from the audience. Exclusive feet contents will also earn you more. 

It’s a free market; from that estimation, you can see how much you can bank. OnlyFans takes a 20% fee from the total amount earned. So, How much can I make money on OnlyFans with my feet? It totally depends on you. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans -Conclusion

You can make extra income by selling feet pictures on OnlyFans. Luckily, opening an account at OnlyFans is straightforward. Generate sales and traffic from your other social media accounts by leveraging direct links. Constantly create alluring high-quality pictures, and remember to promote your content. 


Can I make money on OnlyFans with my feet?

Yes, there is a huge audience interested in buying feet pictures. You need to be consistent and creative to make people buy feet pictures on OnlyFans. 

How can I sell foot photos on OnlyFans?

You only need to open an OnlyFans account and post foot pictures and videos for people to buy or view. You can offer exclusive private feet contents for more money. 

How much can you make selling feet pics?

The amount of money  you make on OnlyFans selling feet pics depends on the following:

  • The number of pics you post
  • The number of subscribers you have
  • Selling custom feet pictures to unique buyers
  • The selling price you set

How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans: a step-by-step guide?

Here is a guide on how to post winning photos on OnlyFans. 

  1. Log in to your OnlyFans page– use your username or email address and enter your password. These are the initial details you used when creating the OnlyFans account. 
  2. Upload content– click the “upload” button from the OnlyFans main dashboard. 
  3. Select the feet image -from the upload page, pick the edited image from your device that you wish to upload.
  4. Edit the pictures- You can do so now if you haven’t edited the image. Add some filters, colors, and crop, or make other changes.
  5. Add a caption– Entice your feet fetish audience by adding a captivating caption describing the image. 
  6. Select your audience– OnlyFans platform allows you to select who views your feet picture. You can either set it to Public or Subscribers Only.
  7. Post the feet pic on OnlyFans- Hit the post button after making all the necessary challenges. 

What type of feet pics sell best on OnlyFans?

Here are some popular feet pictures that make you stand out.

  • Dirty feet
  • Feet with BDSM accessories 
  • Tattoed feet
  • High heels feet
  • Roped feet
  • Nail polish and pedicures
  • Feet with beautiful nail polish
  • Socks
  • Barefoot
  • Soles
  • Feet with lotion
  • Ankles
  • Footjobs

How to start an OnyFans without followers?

You can utilize your social media pages and subreddit channels to promote yourself. Staying consistent and optimizing your profile also helps. 

OnlyFans Subreddit

How much can you make on OnlyFans for feet pics? 

You can sell feet photos on OnlyFans from $5 to $25. The amount you make monthly will depend on the PPV media you sell in DMs and the number of subscribers. 

How to Sell Feet Pics On OnlyFans?

Here is a summary of selling feet pics on OnlyFans.

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Buy photography gear to capture quality feet pictures
  • Open an OnlyFans account
  • Sell your feet on Pay Per View of monthly subscriptions
  • Target audience with foot fetish, model agencies, stock images websites, and movie production companies
  • Start live stream on OnlyFans

How to legally sell feet pics?

It is legal to sell feet pics on OnlyFans, provided you are over the age of 18. Alternatively, you can make passive income selling feet photos to stock images websites like Unsplash, Shutterstock, Pixabay, iStock, and Pexels.

What type of feet makes the most money?

Out of the seven main types of foot-Greek, stretch, peasant, Roman, square, simian, and Egyptian people with peasant’s feet make the most.


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